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Learners Are Required To Critically Analyze Social Policy And Its Developments: Childhood Social Legal And Health Studies Assignment, UCC, Ireland

University University College Cork (UCC)
Subject Childhood Legal Social and Health

Learners are required to critically analyse social policy and its developments in Ireland and in Europe in order to ascertain the benefits and discourses surrounding the ECCE setting.  Using policy and legislation the learners should display an understanding of policy, its core ideals, and its use in understanding the position of the child within Irish society and also in European society, by undertaking a comparative analysis with an EU country of their choice.

Your project should evidence the following:

1.      Your full understanding of all relevant social policy and how this is applied to and impacts the ECCE sector.

2.      Your project should be fully referenced and include a Reference List

3.      Your understanding of the ECCE sector as a whole, the services it supplies, and how social policy impacts these services.

4.      A critical analysis of the factors that influence the health and wellbeing of the child, focusing on the 0 – 6 years age group.

5.      A clear understanding of legislation pertaining to the care of children in an ECCE setting.

6.      A comparative analysis with any EU country of your choice with regard to the position of the child within society as set out by social policy.

7.      Exploration of how National Practice Guidelines are adhered to within the ECCE sector.

8.      Detailed conclusion to your project listing areas of concern or inadequacies in current Irish social policy, as well as recommendations as to how social policy could be improved to further enhance service provision in the ECCE sector.

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