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IS40640: You need to provide an outline of a researchable topic that is focused on what you are going to address: Research Methods Research Paper, UCD, Ireland

University University College Dublin (UCD)
Subject IS40640: Research Methods

Learning outcomes 

  1. Develop a dissertation topic with research objectives/questions that will guide and focus the research process;
  2. Identify relevant literature and critically review the most pertinent for their proposal and have a conceptual framework in development;
  3. Generate and evaluate an appropriate research design and methods for data collection and analysis which are consistent with their research philosophy/paradigm and the requirements of the question;
  4. Identify appropriate methods of data collection and analysis for a business-related research problem by selecting the appropriate data types:

a. For quantitative research: appropriate, highly structured tools for collecting data, provisions for statistical measures, methods of the display using the relevant formula, and computer software;

b. For qualitative research: appropriate tools for collecting narrative type data, provisions for thematic interpretation for business-related research problems ensuring a high level of trustworthiness in the data process from generation to discussion of findings;


You need to provide an outline of a researchable topic that is focused on what you are going to address through the collection and analysis of data rather than a literature review.

You need to provide a clear and coherent outline of the purpose and objectives of the research.  You are required to specify what it is you want to find out and why.  You will need to consider the question; what will we know once you have completed the research that we do not know now?

  • The background and issues underlying the research aims, objectives, and questions;

Justification for, and significance of, the research (personal motivation is not enough; you need to embed the justification for the research topic in the literature and provide an indication of why others might be interested in the research

Section 2: 

The proposal should have at least an early draft of a conceptual framework based on the literature reviewed thus far.  You should also identify and explain how you are using the conceptual literature (theories and models) to generate the conceptual framework and how it will influence and guide the data collection and analysis of the data you will collect at the dissertation stage.

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