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Include an Explanation of Agency Costs and the Circumstances Under: Corporate Finance Essay, UCC

University University College Cork (UCC)
Subject Corporate Finance

Agency Costs Assignment Details:

Question 1. Include an explanation of agency costs and the circumstances under which they are likely to occur.

Question 2. Explain why monitoring is important, and suggest why the measure of performance can be problematic.

Question 3. Suggest alternative measures of performance.

Question 4. Describe Economic Income and Economic Depreciation and suggest why they can provide a superior measure of expected future performance.

Question 5. Use a numerical example to demonstrate the benefits of Economic Income and Economic Depreciation.

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Mergers Assignment Details:

Question 1. Identify the suggested potential motivations from a proposed merger or takeover, and discuss whether they are likely to produce a beneficial outcome.

Question 2. Using a brief numerical example, identify a numerical method for identifying the gains and costs to shareholders that can be expected in the event of a proposed takeover when the terms are either a cash offer or share for share exchange.

Question 3. Identify the more common forms of takeover defense, and suggest why they are used.

Question 4. Using available evidence, identify the main winners and the main losers from takeovers and mergers.

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