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In your own words and using the learning from this module detailing: Product Design Control Assignment, TUD, Ireland

University Technological University Dublin (TUD)
Subject Product Design Control

Question 1

In your own words and using the learning from this module detailing each stage of the Product Design process and where you believe that having a robust and established Design Control process could have avoided developing and shipping a Poorly Designed Product? (Use the product examples provided below to support your project or select a product of your choosing).

Questions 2

Please give your thoughts on how having a Product Design Control process can impact a company in the short term and long term?

Question 3 

Please select one case study listed below and give explain who would be the person(s) responsible for the putting this product into the market?

  • Minimum of 3500 words in total for all three questions.
  • Please use citations within the body of your work using the Harvard method (Author, Date) only.
  • The body of work should be sprinkled with citations.
  • Ensure that the citations are linked back to their reference list.
  • Ensure you use case studies to support your answer.
  • Important that you research the case study selected.

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