Identify The Qualities And Skills That You Require To Assist A Person In Carrying Out The Task: Disability Awareness Assignment, UCC, Ireland

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University University College Cork (UCC)
Subject Disability Awareness

1. Activity Overview: 

a) Brief description of activity/task, why you chose it.

b) Identify the qualities and skills that you require to assist a person in carrying out the task/activity

c) Briefly identify legislation that underpins the rights of the child/person in this instance

2. Supporting the child: 

a)  Outline how you supported the child/person. Be specific. Pick out 2 or 3 points and discuss  (Dignity, privacy, independence, confidentiality, respect, choice/involvement, diversity)

b)  How this meets the duties of a Special Needs Assistant/Healthcare assistant as per DES/Healthcare Professional.

3.Principles Used: 

a) Discuss how the principles of individuality personal autonomy and effective participation of the child/person were met in carrying out the task/activity.

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4. Guidelines & Lessons Learned: 

a)  Identify the ‘best practice’ guidelines to be followed in carrying out the task/activity and lessons learned in carrying out the task/activity.

5. Relationship Management: 

a)  Identify the various partners/stakeholders (parents, teachers, carer, multi-disciplinary team), that have an interest in the task/activity and discuss how effective relationships can be fostered between them and you as a Special Needs Assistant/Healthcare Professional

6. Reflective Practice: 

a) Reflect on the task

b) Remember this is a reflective piece where you examine your beliefs/values  and your skills/qualities

c) What have you learned from completing the entry

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