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Identify the Central Differences Between the Content and Process: Organisational Behaviour Assignment, UCC

University University College Cork (UCC)
Subject Organisational Behaviour

Assignment Details:

Please choose and answer 3 essay questions. All questions carry equal marks.

Each essay should be backed up by reference to academic literature where appropriate. Harvard Referencing must be used and a bibliography included at the end of your assignment. The word count for each question is 800 words maximum and you should not exceed this.


1. (a) Identify the central differences between the content and process approaches to motivation.

(b) Describe Adam’s Equity Theory of Motivation, with reference to the importance of maintaining equity in the workplace.

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2. Examine the coping mechanisms that can be used by individuals and organizations to deal with work-related stress in a positive manner.

(a) Examine the factors that explain where personality comes from.

(b) Investigate the difficulties surrounding personality assessment.

3. Perception is a subjective process open to all sorts of inaccuracies and errors. Examine five of the common perceptual errors, using examples of how these may cause problems in the workplace.

(a) What are the functions of attitudes?

(b) What are the outcomes of job satisfaction?

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