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Heating Energy Demand (4) Explain what it is, and what determines it and put in the table calculating the value for your dwelling: Energy Engineering Report Ireland

University University College Cork (UCC)
Subject Energy Engineering

A student cannot pass the Energy Systems module unless their assignment meets the minimum standard.

The report must contain all the following sections in this order; the marks for each section are in brackets. Follow the detailed instructions for each step and use the report template on Moodle. Upload excel files for the current house and for the selected improvements.

1. Introduction explaining what the report is about, the type of dwelling, when it was built, where it is located and any improvements that have been carried out.

2. Layout and dimensions (10) of dwelling. Put in drawings and tables of the external surfaces through which heat is lost— these can be copied from excel. Make sure tables and figures are numbered and titled.

3. U values (5). Put in the table of U values for each element and the fabric heat loss coefficient, copy it from excel. Explain where you got each value based on age, type, insulation thickness etc. Explain what fabric heat loss coefficient is. 4. Ventilation Heat Loss (4) Explain what Ventilation Heat Loss is and what causes it. Put in ventilation table from excel.

5. Heating Energy Demand (4) Explain what it is, and what determines it and put in the table calculating the value for your dwelling.

6. Domestic Hot Water Demand (4) Explain the calculation of DHW demand and how it is currently supplied.

7. Heating System (5) Give details of the existing system or systems include make, model, fuel and efficiency from HARP database. 8. Heating Cost & Emissions

(8): Explain and show the calculation of the current heating cost and compare it to what you act Ily spending on bills and how much fuel you actually use. Thum should be nuaCi0Sf. prediction and real fuel usage. Highlight the biggest conairicbubtoirrs teonenmur toxins./

9. Improvements

From the heat loss coefficients, heating times, temperature and system efficiency identify the easiest most effective improvements to be made. Adjust U values etc.

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