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GY302: The MENA has Often been Described as a Region with Major Geopolitical Shatterbelt Zones: Urban Development: Politics, Policy and Planning, OU,

University The Open University (OU)
Subject GY302- Urban Development: Politics Policy and Planning


Question: The MENA has often been described as a region with major geopolitical shatterbelt zones, and minor shatterbelt areas within that.

Appraise this standpoint with reference to the internal and external geopolitics of ONE of the following countries: Turkey, Iraq, Israel, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya or Algeria.

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Broad layout – Clearly make your own headings for each part of your report:

1. Define the concept of a geopolitical shatterbelt zone.

2. Basic data on the country e.g. tables, maps, charts etc.

3. Internal geopolitics.

4. Relations with neighbouring countries.

5. Relations with regional countries.

6. Relations with extra-regional countries.

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