From Projects Worked On, Can You Give Examples Of A Project Type: Interview Summary Dissertation, TCD, Ireland

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University Trinity College Dublin (TCD)
Subject Interview Summary

Q 1. From projects worked on, can you give examples of a project type with the most cause in delays?

Q 2. From a recent project type worked on: where you encounter delays, what were their main causes?

Q 3. Do You Think That Certain Project Types Are More Susceptible To Delays Than Others, Why You Think This Is?

Q 4. Do you think that particular countries in the Middle East are more susceptible to delays than others?

Q 5. What delays did you specifically encounter in your delivery package, do you think they could have been avoided?

Q 6. Did you ever inherit a project or package, already late in delivery; What steps did you take to resolve it?

Q 7. From recent projects worked on: Can you Identify 3 causes of delays on the main project? (not in your delivery)

Q 8. From projects worked on: what were the 3 causes of delays in your specific package for delivery?

Q 9. Taking one of the examples: how did you solve the delay and what were the implications of the approach you took?

Q 10. Was there ownership or accountability issues with the causes of the delays: how were they addressed?

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