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Folk music refers to both traditional folk music and the contemporary genre that sprang from the former during the twentieth-century folk revival: Music Performance Assignment, QUB, Ireland

University Queen's University Belfast (QUB)
Subject Music Performance

Folk music

Folk music refers to both traditional folk music and the contemporary genre that sprang from the former during the twentieth-century folk revival. World music encompasses certain genres of folk music.

Irish Folk music refers to Irish Traditional music. This is a type of folk music that originated in Ireland. It consists of jigs, reels, polkas, and hornpipes. The time signature for these tunes mainly consists of compound time. Instrumentation in Irish traditional music usually consists of the Fiddle, Accordion, Concertina, Harp, Banjo, Mandelson, Uilleann Pipes, Guitar, Bodhran, Flute, Tin Whistle and in more recent times the Piano and drums. Tunes are usually binary in structure and have two or more sections. The A-part, B-part, and so on are the different types of parts. The whole melody is performed two to three times, with each part being played twice.

Country Music

Country music is sometimes known as country-western music which evolved from blues, church, and folk music. Its popularized roots may be traced back to the early 1920s in the Southern and Southwestern United States.

Ballads and dance melodies with relatively basic forms of folk lyrics, and harmonies are frequently accompanied by string instruments such as banjos, electric and acoustic guitars and fiddles, as well as harmonicas, in the country music. In the mid-twentieth century, the phrase “country music” began to embrace Western music, which sprang from comparable roots to hillbilly music in the 1940s.

Today, the word “country music” is used to cover a wide range of styles and subgenres. The roots of country music may be traced back to working-class American folk music and blue-collar existence.

Country and Irish music is a type of Irish music that combines North American country music with Irish elements. Nathan Carter would be one of my favorite Country singers.


The instruments used in classical music include those used in an orchestra or a concert band, as well as various solo instruments such as the piano, harpsichord, and organ. The string, woodwind, brass, and percussion families of instruments are represented in the symphony orchestra.

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