Familiarize Yourself With The Types Of Behaviors That Can Be Displayed: Information Security Assignment, UOL, Ireland

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University University of Limerick (UOL)
Subject Information Security

The goals of this project:

Familiarize yourself with the types of behaviors that can be displayed by malware and how to safely analyze these behaviors.

Provide hands-on experience using a standard tool in the industry called Cuckoo.  For more details about Cuckoo, you can visit https://cuckoosandbox.org/ and read more about it.

Demonstrate what a safe environment to run malware looks like.

Familiarize yourself with machine learning concepts applied to malware analysis.

Build on your experience using Cuckoo by learning machine learning strategies.

Get familiar with malware behavior clustering, and how to use it to classify malware.

Build a machine learning-based malware classification tool.

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Additional information:

There is a Canvas quiz for each malware sample where you can submit answers for phase 1, and another quiz where you can submit answers for phase 2.

Phase 3 is a separate report which you will submit via Canvas.

Phase 4 is an essay portion that will be submitted via GradeScope.

Make sure you have a computer with sufficient horsepower to run the Project’s VM. The minimum RAM required for this project is 4 GB.

IMPORTANT WARNING PLEASE READ: This assignment contains actual executable malware artifacts used to help you understand how malware behaves. Although we have taken steps to make the assignment as safe as possible, you must be extra careful not to execute malware code outside of the sandbox environment. Failure to do so might cause harm to you and others.

The F.A.Q thread will be constantly updated. Therefore, before asking anything, take a look at it, and, if your question is not covered already, feel free to post it as a reply in the same thread. GT CS 6035: Introduction to Information Security

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Phase 1 :

1. Install VirtualBox on your own workstation. You can find the most current version on the download page at: https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads.

2. Download the project VM (the OVA file named https://tinyurl.com/3snk7r88 Please note that the file is about 9 GB, so it will take some time to download. Do not wait until the last minute to download it. Do it right away!

3. Import the OVA into VirtualBox. Note that this may be easiest to do by double-clicking the OVA file and letting the file association open VirtualBox.

4. Log in to the newly imported VM using these credentials:
a) Username: Debian
b) Password: Debian

5. Once you are inside Project 2 VM, open a terminal window by clicking the proper icon in the VM GUI taskbar, as follows:

6. In the terminal window, execute the following commands to start up Cuckoo’s core system:
a)  venv/bin/activate
b)  cuckoo web run server

7. Open up Firefox web browser by clicking the proper icon in the VM GUI taskbar, as follows: GT CS 6035: Introduction to Information Security

8. In the Firefox window, type in the address bar, and hit enter:
NOTE: If you happen to reboot your VM, then make sure you go through steps 4 through 8 again. If you don’t, then you will not be able to use Cuckoo properly. Getting used to Cuckoo’s Web-based A

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