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EC3139: Assume You Are An Economic Consultant For The Irish Government: The Wealth and Poverty of Nations Assignment, UCC, Ireland

University University College Cork (UCC)
Subject EC3139: The Wealth and Poverty of Nations

Assume you are an Economic Consultant for the Irish Government. You have been asked to compile a report which addresses parts A-C below, covering a number of aspects of international trade.

Lawless et al (2019) explore issues around exporting activity in firms in Ireland.

1. Identify two key issues raised in this paper related to firms in Ireland and discuss whether any existing policy measures may help overcome such issues.

2. Discuss how newer trade theories such as monopolistic competition augment our understanding of the patterns of Irish trade in conjunction with ‘classical theories’ such as comparative advantage. Data in the form of tables/figures/graphs should be presented to support your discussion. You should use data spanning (approximately) the last 10 years at a sector/industry level.

3. Explore how international trade contributes to economic development.

4. Explain the primary reasons why countries engage in Preferential Trade Agreements (PTA’s)?

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