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Describe chosen practice or policy issue and present reasons for choosing this as an area of focus: Psychology Assignment, TCD, Ireland

University Trinity College Dublin (TCD)
Subject Psychology

Assessment Strategy

Psychology module learning outcomes are assessed by an integrated assessment that contributes 15% of the total marks for the Health in Context 4 module.

In nursing, there is a universal desire to produce the highest quality care. However, repeated public inquiries have shone a light on avoidable harm and substandard care (including care provided by nurses). Using the thematic areas covered in the semester (leadership, culture, personal excellence, organizational dynamics, management of change) outline how you will undertake a leadership role as a change agent to ensure positive patient outcomes. The assessment comprises a 1,500-word assignment. Students are asked to identify an issue or challenge that they would like to positively influence as a registered nurse. Having done so, students are required to critically analyze how an organizational psychology perspective will inform how they might approach the issue.

Assignment structure

Students will set out the assignment in the following structure:

  • Describe chosen practice or policy issue and present reasons for choosing this as an area of focus.
  • Alternatives, desired state, and evidence to support same.
  • Factors to consider in addressing issues CAD, organizational culture, and leadership approach.

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