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Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of leadership theory and practice and apply this in the context of healthcare: Leadership & Innovation in Healthcare Assignment, RCSI, Ireland

University Royal College of Surgeons (RCSI)
Subject Leadership & Innovation in Healthcare

On successful completion of this module participants will be able to:

1. Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of leadership theory and practice and apply this in the context of healthcare.

o Advanced knowledge and skills in analysis and critical evaluation of key leadership theories and practice in the healthcare context.

2. Develop self-awareness through the use of psychometric measures, individual and group exercises, effective personal development planning and reflective practice and use this awareness to evolve an effective leadership style.

  • Contribute to his/her own professional practice through building self-awareness using psychometric measures.
  • Evaluate and develop personal leadership style through personal development planning and through reflective practice.

Leadership Interview & Reflection Study Credits (ECTS): 10

This Leadership Interview & Reflection Study has two parts with one overall grade awarded;

Part A:

Arrange to interview someone in a leadership position from either a health or a non-health setting. It is important that the selected leader is not directly working with the scholar. The interview should be semi-structured based
on relevant questions from the scholar’s understanding of leadership approaches covered in the module.

Write up your critical analysis of the findings from your study drawing on key leadership theories and approaches

Part B:

Prepare a reflection on your own leadership style based on content covered during the module. Consider the following headings;

  • Introduction
  • Reflect on self-awareness tools (select 1 or 2 profiling tools covered e.g. psychometric report, VIA Profile, NHS leadership framework)
  • Leadership development planning – what specific actions will you take to develop your leadership capability based on your reflection.

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