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Critically Discuss the Impact of Long-Term Mental Health Distress has on the Service User,Family and the Community: Advancing Recovery Case Study, OU, Ireland

University The Open University (OU)
Subject Advancing Recovery

Learning outcomes for Advancing Recovery module

1. Critically discuss the impact of long-term mental health distress has on the service user, family, and the community.

2. Analyse the specific challenges and opportunities available for individuals on their journey in recovery

3. Evaluate recovery-focused care in meeting the needs of people experiencing mental health distress.

4. Evaluate the role of the mental health nurse working with people with enduring mental health problems and promoting recovery within services.

5. Draw upon the service user and family narratives and perspectives to illuminate and address issues central to the module content.

Your chosen individual could be a service user you have met or a person who has spoken and/or publicly published about their mental health distress and recovery journey. Offer a very brief and succinct account of how your chosen person first experienced mental health distress and how they are now. This section is akin to how you would present a new client/service/individual user at a handover to staff or medical/healthcare personnel or when they speak to a new group of people gathered who have never met the client/service user/individual before.

Outline the impact their mental health distress had on them. their family and community.

Discuss some of the challenges they encountered and the opportunities available to them to assist their recovery.

Critique various recovery approaches to care utilized by the individual themselves. mental health nurses. mental health services and NGOs in establishing and maintain recovery for your chosen individual.

Explore what recovery services are available locally. nationally, and internationally that your chosen client has availed off or could avail off.

Reflect on how the experience was for your chosen individual in terms of their experience of their mental health distress and their own personal recovery journey/experience.

In terms of academic writing please not only provide an outline of points introduced, offer strengths and limitations of the point introduced to include evidence-based practice were appropriated to support your work.

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