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Critically discuss how senior management may morally defend their organization’s engagement in the fast fashion industry: Business Ethics & Sustainability Assignment, CCT, Ireland

University CCT College Dublin (CCT)
Subject Business Ethics & Sustainability

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Critically analyze the main ethical theories and practices across a variety of business areas
  2. Evaluate the wider ethical and sustainability issues relevant to organizations operating in a globalized economy.
  3. Critically analyze business strategies that address sustainability at the corporate level, business unit level, and functional level and formulate applications to business.
  4. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the politics and regulatory framework pertaining to sustainable business in order to identify and analyze current and changing business contexts.
  5. Create a sense of their own value system in respect of others in order to adapt and change in accordance with current and future social, community, ethical, and business contexts.

Question 1 

  1. Research the concept of ‘Fast Fashion’. Apply one normative ethical theory (choose from Utilitarianism, Justice, Virtue, Common Good, Kantianism or Egoism) and critically discuss how senior management may morally defend their organization’s engagement in the fast fashion industry.
  2. Critically analyze the ethical dilemma consumers may face regarding fast fashion. Include in your answer some reference to ethical theory and GVV.
  3. Critically assess what industries/management could do to improve ethical awareness within their sector. Students may discuss other industries other than fashion.

Question 2

  1. Critically analyze two strategies that a firm in the fashion trade can implement to reduce the environmental impact of ‘Fast Fashion.
  2. Critically analyze two government policies for making ‘Fast Fashion’ more sustainable.
  3. Evaluate how your attitudes to sustainability have changed during the course and how these attitudes may influence your future decisions on both a personal and professional level.

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