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Critically Discuss and Evaluate the Benefits of Diverting Young Offenders from the Criminal Justice: Psychology Assignment, UCC

University University College Cork (UCC)
Subject Psychology

Answer one of the following questions:

Question 1: Critically discuss and evaluate the benefits of diverting young offenders from the criminal justice system with reference to current theories of developmental pathways and empirical research.

Question 2: Despite significant improvements in how rape victims are treated by the criminal justice system, rape remains a crime with relatively low conviction rates. Discuss with reference to the psychology of victimization and current empirical research.

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Question 3:  “There is little or no role for psychology in the punishment of prisoners” (Howitt, 2018, p.526). Discuss with reference to current empirical research, focusing on how prison can use the skills of psychologists to facilitate a reduction in reoffending behaviour.

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