COMP40250: Tom is aged 4 years old he has been Attending an Early Years facility for the last two Months, he Attends three Days per Week: Introduction to Cognitive Psychology Essay, UCD

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University University College Dublin (UCD)
Subject COMP40250: Introduction to Cognitive Psychology

tom is aged 4 years old he has been attending an early years facility for the last two months, he attends three days per week. tom has settled into the early year’s facility quite well and appears happy and content most of the time. tom has a teddy bear toy which he takes everywhere with him, believing it to be his best friend. of late tom has been having a small agreement with some of the other children in the facility.

he does not like to share toys with the other kids in the facility and gets annoyed when he receives his juice in a small glass instead of a big glass at break time. he also becomes very stressed when his cuddly toy is taken away from him and put in a bin in the back office.

tom likes to play with the lego but can not master the bigger designs on his own. some older children who attend the facility after school help him to make bigger designs and he is now starting to complete the larger lego pieces by himself. he feels a sense of accomplishment from this.

Tom’s parents are struggling with his behavior and have asked for advice. with reference to empirical research, critically evaluate and explain the aspects of toms cognitive development that is resulting in his various behaviors

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