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CKW15: Mary is a 65-year-old Single Woman, Living Alone in a 3rd-floor Apartment: Medical Surgical Nursing Assignment, UCC

University University College Cork (UCC)
Subject CKW15: Medical Surgical Nursing

Case Study

Mary is a 65-year-old single woman, living alone in a 3rd-floor apartment, which is only accessed by a staircase. Mary had been a sales manager for 40 years. Now that she has retired, she is starting to feel the effects from long term standing, she has a BMI of 35, and her diet consists of highly processed food and she drinks wine most evenings. His social life since retirement has decreased as the friends were predominantly work-based and now finds it hard to meet new people.

Lately, she feels pain in her knees and can see redness and swelling over the knee joint area. The same sensation started spreading towards her hips, her elbows, and shoulders. She went for a consultation with her medical doctor, and after a series of laboratory tests, was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. The medical team thought initially that she might have psoriatic type arthritis as she has a long-standing history of plaque psoriasis. Upon leaving the consultant’s office.

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She was referred to an orthopedic consultant, who has indicated that Mary requires an elective total hip replacement. Mary was extremely upset about her diagnosis, she has been placed on a waiting list and anticipates that she will be operated on within the next 12-24 months.

With reference to the above case study, consider the following areas that need to be addressed

  1. With regard to presenting the case above, assess the current concerns that this patient is presenting with, support your answer with evidence from the literature.
  2. Identify and prioritize with Mary the goals that she needs to achieve in order to be surgery ready.
  3. Critically appraise the different types of arthritis that exist and how they might present in the above patient.
  4. Identify the gerontological consideration for Mary for future planning.
  5. Provide an explanation to assist Mary to have an understanding of elective surgery and its benefits and provide a concise plan for the preoperative preparation of this patient.
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