Candidates Should Detail Their Informal Observations And Practical Experiences: Special Need Assistance Assignment, DCU, Ireland

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University Dublin City University (DCU)
Subject Special Need Assistance

Section 1: Candidates should detail their informal observations and practical experiences of working with children with a learning need to include: Knowledge on the role and responsibilities of the Special Needs Assistant in the setting. Candidates own opinions and experiences of working with children with special needs. Clear examples and comments of where you fulfilled your role in line with good practice knowledge and relevant analysis of tasks.

Section 2:  Candidates should examine the qualities and skills of an effective Special Needs Assistant and give clear examples of how you used these in practice. You should give your opinions of challenges and experiences faced when working with children with special needs, i.e. behavior, communication problems and include good practice knowledge and relevant analysis of issues.

Section 3:  Candidates should show an understanding of how inclusion and integration are implemented in the setting. Candidates should make appropriate links to the relevant legislation and good practice and detail how it applies in the setting. The record should reflect how equality is an integral part of core values within the early childhood setting.

Section 4:  Candidates should show an understanding of the rights of children with disabilities in relation to personal autonomy, participation, and decision-making. You should provide relevant examples of where you supported these rights in your work placement. You should demonstrate professional practice and knowledge of working with children and supporting their rights, making reference to rights within legislation and conventions with regard to special needs.

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