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BVN 7.10: Plan and evaluate integrated nursing care for a range of non-routine surgical: Integrated Surgical Nursing Assignment, UCC, Ireland

University University College Cork (UCC)
Subject BVN 7.10: Integrated Surgical Nursing

Learning Outcomes:

Plan and evaluate integrated nursing care for a range of non-routine surgical cases applying knowledge of pathophysiology, pharmacology, and diagnostics.

Task 1: Evaluation


For the first task, you will use Case scenario 2 presented on EIT online (and available in Appendix A) to evaluate proposed case management. The focus of your evaluation is in the areas of pharmacology and diagnostics. When writing your evaluation of each area of interest, focus on one good element and one area for improvement to take to a team brief.

The template in Appendix B also provides you with some guiding statements and questions that you should address in your evaluation. However, you are not limited by these. Your answers to these questions should then be related back to how the information allows you to effectively anticipate and manage the patient’s needs, thus improving patient outcomes.

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Your evaluation should:

  • Apply knowledge of pharmacology relevant to this case (e.g., patient responses, side-effects, contraindications, onset, and duration of action).
  • Apply knowledge of forward-thinking nursing incorporating underlying patient condition, life-stage and knowledge of the surgical procedure and surgical principles/interventions.
  • Apply knowledge of interpretation and analysis of diagnostic patient monitoring parameters included in the care planning.
  • Apply knowledge of possible errors/limitations in diagnostics

Your evaluation should adhere to academic writing standards with clear composition and the incorporation robust sources and in-text citations. Use 7th edition APA referencing.

TASK 2: Complication Management (worth up to 35 marks)


For the second task, you will explore Case scenario 3 through a series of online activities presented on EIT online. Through the online activities you will  explore management of potential  intra-operative complications and analyse the relevant pathophysiology, pharmacological principles, and diagnostic results in this case. The scenario relevant to this task is also available in Appendix C.

In this task you will compile a management document for one potential complication of your choice from the list below:

  • Hypotension
  • Inadequate or excessive anaesthetic depth
  • Pale mms or prolonged CRT
  • Dyspnoea and/or cyanosis
  • Tachypnoea
  • Abnormalities in cardiac rate and rhythm
  • Apnoea
  • Regurgitation
  • Septic shock

If you have a potential complication you would like to use for this task which is not on the list, please discuss this with your lecturer to gain approval.

For the potential complication you have selected, compile a management document comprising of:

  • A flow chart to assist staff pre- anaesthesia and in management of the complication during anaesthesia. This may include clinical signs, diagnostic aids, manual techniques, and possible pharmacological interventions. An example is available in Appendix D.
  • A concise explanation of the significance of each element on the flowchart in relation to pathophysiology of patient signalment influencers, condition & complication, diagnostics and pharmacological agents.

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