BS1155: A set of Quality Tools were Collectively Defined in 1976 and Identified as the “Seven Management & Planning Tools: Problem Solving Tools & Techniques Essay, Ireland

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University National University of Ireland (NUI)
Subject BS1155: Problem Solving Tools & Techniques

A set of Quality tools were collectively defined in 1976 and identified as the “Seven Management & Planning Tools”.

These 7M+P Tools range from tools for abstract analysis to detailed planning tools. Write a report explaining the history and the purpose(s) of each of the 7M+P Tools.

  • The report should demonstrate a deep understanding of each of these tools and should include appropriate referencing for any sources used.
  • Your report should specifically contain a practical or worked (how to) example of at least 2 of the 7M+P Tools, which clearly demonstrates how each of the selected tools is used.

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