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An online flight booking company wishes to set up a database to record details of flights, airline companies, pilots, customers: Financial Systems Analysis Assignment, UOG, Ireland

University University Of Galway (UOG)
Subject Financial Systems Analysis

An online flight booking company wishes to set up a database to record details of flights, airline companies, pilots, customers, and bookings made on flights.

For each flight, the information recorded includes a unique flight number, source, destination, departure date, and time. A flight is one of two type’s domestic or international, for domestic flights a maximum baggage weight is recorded, international flights have no such limit but do record a visa requirement.

Flights are operated by an airline company; an airline company will operate many flights. The information stored on the Airline Company includes the company name, phone number, and email.

Customers make bookings for flights, a flight will be booked by many bookings, and a customer will make many bookings. A booking is made by one customer and books one flight. Each booking has a unique reference and number of seats booked. The information stored on each customer includes a
unique customer code, name, address, and phone number. A flight is the responsibility of one pilot, a pilot will be responsible for many flights during Their career.

For each pilot, their unique employee number is recorded along with a name, address, and phone number. A flight will be assigned a second pilot (copilot) to assist the pilot of the flight and a given pilot will assist on many flights. A flight will always have one pilot and one co-pilot.

  • Draw an Entity Relationship diagram for this database, and decompose any many to many relationships. Include any additional constraints, assumptions, and limitations that support your understanding of the above scenario.
  • List the entity types, their attributes, and their primary key.
  • Implement these tables as a database using MS Office.

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