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An Exploratory Study Of Therapist’s Experience Of Using Sensate Focus Theory: Counselling And Psychotherapy Dissertation, TCD, Ireland

University Trinity College Dublin (TCD)
Subject Counselling And Psychotherapy

Main Question

An Exploratory Study of Therapist’s experience of using Sensate Focus theory in practice when addressing male erectile dysfunction.

Semi-structured Interview Questions

Therapist’s experience of using Sensate Focus as a primary intervention when addressing male erectile dysfunction.

1. How would you best describe your practice and the approach that you use when working with relationships and sexual issues?

2. How would you support a client presenting with male erectile dysfunction?

3. What are the main underlying factors that clients with erectile dysfunction present with?

4. What is your knowledge and experience of Sensate Focus Therapy?

5. Do you work with Sensate Focus in the Therapy session or as Homework?

6. Would you feel comfortable working with Sensate Focus or any other Therapy that may require touching the client? Why?

7. Can you give an example of how you would implement Sensate Focus with your client?

8. Do you work with Sensate Focus solely or alongside another modality i.e., CBT?

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9. Are there other ways in which you have worked with clients presenting with erectile dysfunction?

The Aims of the study

  • Explore the Therapist’s experience of working with male erectile dysfunction.
  • Identify underlying factors contributing to male erectile dysfunction.
  • Establish the Therapist’s understanding of Sensate Focus and how it is applied in therapy.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of Sensate Focus in addressing male erectile dysfunction.
  • Establish how Sensate focus can further support males experiencing erectile dysfunction.


  • Explore Therapist’s experience of working with Male erectile dysfunction.
  • Identify the most common issues of male erectile dysfunction.
  • Discuss underlying factors presenting.
  • Explore the Therapist’s understanding of Sensate Focus.
  • Identify how Sensate focus is perceived or adapted while being used when working with male clients experiencing erectile dysfunction.
  • Identify barriers or challenges when working with Sensate Focus as a therapy addressing erectile dysfunction.

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