A fast-growing start-up company in the technology sector, Radinfo Limited, is starting to face challenges arising from growing so quickly: Leadership and management Case Study, OU, Ireland

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University The Open University (OU)
Subject Leadership and management

CASE STUDY — Start-Up Growing Pains:

A fast-growing start-up company in the technology sector, Radinfo Limited, is starting to face challenges arising from growing so quickly. The company currently employs 100 people, with many of the staff hired only in the last 12 months. The new staff was hired quickly in response to significant increases in customer orders, and many of them were given very little training. Despite the increase in staff, some of the teams are starting to feel stressed and unhappy with the very busy workload. The rate of staff turnover is very high with many staff staying for less than 6 months.

Another issue facing the company is that there has been a breakdown in a key relationship between two senior managers, the Sales Manager, and the Operations Manager. They have started to openly argue and shout in front of the other staff. It is badly affecting the atmosphere in the office. In addition, the problem of poor decision-making by junior managers has not helped. This has been attributed to the inexperience of some of these managers.

Problems have also started to emerge with suppliers. As Radinfo Limited has been in the business news recently for several successful product launches, many of the suppliers have decided to increase the prices of supplies without warning, because they feel that Radinfo limited is well able to pay more for these supplies.

The CEO has just started to prepare the budget for the next financial year, and she has decided to get some advice on how to tackle the challenges the business is facing. She wants to use this advice to improve her management of the business, perhaps leveraging the budget to help her achieve this goal. You work as a Management Consultant, and she has asked for your professional advice on how to approach the challenges she faces.

1). Using the Mintzberg Managerial Roles model, explain in your own words the model, the four different Decisional roles, and advise the CEO on how she can tackle the problems of the company mentioned in the case study by actively assuming responsibility for each of these four Decisional roles.

2) Advise the CEO on how aligning the decision-making based on programmed and non-programmed decisions between the junior and the senior management might help improve the quality of the decision-making of the management.

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