A Component Of Our Grade Is A 30% Report Based On A Case Study: Sale Management Assignment, CIT, Ireland

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University Cork Institute Of Technology (CIT)
Subject Sale Management


As part of the Sales Management module, a component of our grade is a 30% report based on a case study. In this continuous assessment, we have addressed all aspects of the brief in the three sections which follow.

Section 1

1.1 Products and Services sold by RCC

The three products which are sold by Royal Corporation include Royal Reproduction Centre, Corporate Copy Centre, and the other service offered was Royal 750 color copier.

1.2 Decision maker for each product and service

For the Royal reproduction Centre decision for the product is taken by the users and low and mid-level employees. For corporate copy Centre products, the decision is made by the operation head, technical head, senior managers, and purchasing head. For the service of Royal 750 color copier, the decisions are taken by the users who have tax-related knowledge and senior manager.

1.3 Benefits of the three products and services to the user

In Royal Corporation each product and service has its advantages and disadvantages. The benefits of Royal Corporate Copy Centre are no capital investment, no people problems, guaranteed turnaround time, RCC Full center Support, Short term Agreement, Full write-off, Increased quality, and trial basis. It facilities its clients with binding, collating, covering, and color copying. The disadvantage is that it requires high investment. Also, it replaces the employees of the company.

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The benefits of the Royal Reproduction center are high-quality printing, duplicating, and turnaround copying. It also provides routine reproduction jobs, microfilming, color copying, and producing overhead transparencies. The disadvantage is the high cost and machine operation.

The benefit of the Royal 750 Colour copier is that it was sold earlier by a color copier specialist. However, it was not a successful product because the responsibility was transferred to RCC. Also, RCC showed a better response in the market as compared to the Royal 750 Copier color copier service.

Section 2

2.1 Acme Computers

On the day of the appointment, Mary got stuck in a traffic jam and got ten minutes late for the meeting. It hindered her mood and made her uncomfortable. Although she knew that Betty White was uninterested in CCC, she made efforts and showed professionalism. She outlined benefits and pointed out the further benefits. However, she got to know that White lost interest and refused again. She handed a copy to White in the hope that he could be a potential sale in the future and contact for the copier.

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2.2 Bickford Publishing

Bickford was Mary’s one of the best accounts and thus she had lots of hope. However, she faced lots of competition from colleagues for this account. Joe and Mary shared a professional approach and started the discussion. Joe was so straightforward that he rejected the offer without reviewing it properly. Mary decided to discuss with Tony, Joe’s Supervisor. However, Joe came to know about it and mailed Tony that the proposal is just a waste of time. Mary, unaware of it, mailed Tony and she left with no sale.

2.3 General Hospital

Mary had her appointment with Harry Jameson at General Hospital. However, she met three other senior officers too. She was well-prepared and shared the customized financial plan. She made efforts in pitching towards them and shared CCC approach benefits for the company. She, to some extent, handled the concerns of the clients. However, she avoided the issue of loss of employment due to machines and highlighted the benefits of new machines. After some discussion, Jameson and Harry concluded that CCC is a great idea but they did not feel comfortable losing employees for it. Mary got disappointed and made sure to stay in contact that might help in the future if ever he changes his mind.

2.4 Similarities between Appointments

Mary tended to repeat the same approach with all the clients. She didn’t review her action and reason for failure that caused more failure. Also, she tended to get off when interventions were involved. She should have prepared for setbacks and given them proper reasoning. However, she prepared personalized financial figures for the firms, and while pitching it showed her dedication and efforts that could save time and money for the business. Also, she always handed a copy to them so that they could contact her in the future if their minds changed (SpilleckeandBrettel, 2013).

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