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6N3326: Provide an overview of two training evaluation models and describe how they might be applied in a practical context: Training Delivery and Evaluation Assignment, Ireland

Assignment 1:

Your project should demonstrate your understanding of the course learning. The template for the project, provided on the course resource page, should be used.

Tasks 2 and 3 ask you to discuss the training you have delivered. This can be your skills demonstration or a previous training session if you have prior experience as a trainer.

All your answers should make use of the theories and learning provided in the course. Additional reading around each topic is encouraged and should be clearly referenced in a bibliography.

Tasks Required

Task 1

Training Evaluation

Provide an overview of two training evaluation models and describe how they might be applied in a practical context. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each model.

Task 2

Overview of the Training

Provide an overview of your training session, including the background to the training and the aims, objectives and outcomes of the training.

Identify any stakeholders associated with the training. Describe the methods you used to evaluate the training and any challenges associated with the evaluation process.

Task 3

Training Session Report

Make use of the theories, tools and techniques you have learned on the course to produce a report on your training session, detailing areas of success and areas that might be improved.

This might include your performance as a trainer, your interaction with learners, your course design, the environment and other aspects of training delivery.

Task 4

The Training Cycle

Describe the four stages of the ADDE Training Cycle and the activities you might undertake for each stage. Discuss how the Training Cycle enables you to create effective training

Assignment 2: Skills Demonstration

For your skills demonstration you are required to prepare and record a 10-to-12 minute training session. You may choose any topic for your training; however, it should be self-contained with a beginning, middle and end.

We recommend that you record your presentation in front of a real audience (2 or 3 people) if possible. Whether you present to a group or not, during your training session you should interact with your learners, invite questions and provide appropriate responses.

IMPORTANT: You will only be graded on the first 12 minutes of your video so it is important to stay within the allotted time.

Tasks Required

Task 1

Training Planning and Delivery

Use the provided session plan template to plan out your 10-12 minute training session. Deliver and record your session, which should match the activities outlined in your session plan. Record your training session in an mp4 or mov

Task 2

Use of Training Aids

During your training session use a range of training aids to deliver the content and create materials for the session. Your training materials might include a PowerPoint presentation, learner handouts, props, or whiteboard or flipchart use.

Task 3


Interact with learners during your session. Remember to ask if your learners understand, invite questions and give appropriate responses. If appropriate for your training topic, involve learners in practical exercises.

Task 4

Evaluating the Training

Create a training evaluation feedback form for your session, which could be used to gather feedback from learners and determine if your training outcomes were met. This does not have to be filled in by learners but should follow best-practice for creating a feedback form as described in the course materials.

Assignment 3: Learner Record

Your learner record should be a self-reflective record in which you describe your learning experiences and insights during the course. The learner record should not be a summary of the course learning, rather it should describe how you found the learning useful and how you will make use of what you have learned to improve your training going forward.

As you go through the course, we advise that you use the Learner Record Log in your course workbook to keep a record of what you have learned during the course and how you think it will be useful in your future training.

The learner record should be written in the first person and should:
● Briefly describe what you have learned on the course
● Discuss how you found this learning useful or insightful
● Discuss, with specific examples, how you will use these insights to make your future training sessions more effective.

Tasks Required

Task 1

Training Theory

Training design theories: The Training Cycle, Kolb, Honey and Mumford.

Task 2

Training Evaluation

Training evaluation theories: Kirkpatrick, Kaufman, formative and summative evaluation.

Task 3

Training Delivery

Training delivery skills, tools and techniques: presenting skills, managing learners, practical exercises and demonstrations, the training environment, characteristics of adult learners.

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