6N2214: Explain how food is converted into energy and Identify the factors that can affect the Individual’s energy Requirements, weight Height and Exercise Level.: Health Promotion Assignment

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University National University of Ireland (NUI)
Subject 6N2214: Health Promotion

Appropriate and relevant collection of data relating to a range of approaches to health promotion, clearly referenced.

Introduction- overview and definition of health promotion

1. Explain how food is converted into energy.

2. Identify the factors that can affect the individual’s energy requirements, weight height and exercise level.

3. Outline current HSE health promotion diet guidelines  and explain the link between exercise and well-being

Use the HSE food and exercise pyramids.

4. Explain substance and drug abuse (1 mark) and provide information on 4 common drugs . Make reference to alcohol, smoking, prescription and illicit drugs.

Appropriate and effective application of learning to work practice.

5. Describe  5 health issues/common illnesses in Ireland, to include Emphysema and COPD, Asthma, Diabetes, Heart Disease, COVID 19 (1 mark each) and show an understanding of how Health Promotion policies can be instrumental in the prevention and increase awareness of these conditions.

6. Outline 5 key agencies at local and national level e.g. medical , social ,education, religious and sporting (1 mark each)

7. Identify and describe 5 local resources in your community i.e. funding sources, key personnel, facilities, education and resources (1 mark each).
Insightful reflection and critical analysis/evaluation of own learning and development.

8. Identify 5 tasks required for successful implementation of a planned event: the online workshop

9. Demonstrate understanding of how best to motivate people

Outline 3 ways to motivate the target audience to attend the online session

10. Evaluate your own lifestyle choices. Complete the healthy lifestyle questionnaire and evaluate fourown findings ).

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