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6N2196: Using the Skills Audit Template: Compile a skills audit/checklist to identify strengths & skills both personal and vocational including attributes such as consistency: Rehabilitation Practice Assignment, UCC, Ireland

University University College Cork (UCC)
Subject 6N2196: Rehabilitation Practice

Part 1

a) Using the Skills Audit Template:

  • Compile a skills audit/checklist to identify strengths & skills both personal and vocational including attributes such as consistency, trustworthiness, reliability, and predictability
  • Identify the personal characteristics, skills, and training needed to be a rehabilitation practitioner
  • Identifying areas for future development

b) Research work organizations relevant to your specific vocational area (2 marks)

c) Demonstrate your understanding of work-related challenges such as team dynamics, communication styles, etc., and the need to develop skills to manage these challenges in a rehabilitative environment.

d) Acknowledge the importance of a supportive environment and the importance of ongoing training.

Part 2

a) Describe the functions of various government organisations, including PACE and The Probation Service, in the rehabilitation of offenders

b) Outline community interventions that are available to rehabilitate offenders with drug and alcohol dependency, such as day centres, resource centres, supported accommodation, residential care, sheltered workshops, training programmes, etc.

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Part 3

a) Explain the term ‘Holistic’. Examine the roles of the members of the Multi-disciplinary (MDT) involved in the delivery of a holistic rehabilitation programme

b) Appraise the effectiveness of the MDT in the preparation, implementation and delivery of rehabilitation.

c) Identify the resources needed to increase the chance that rehabilitation will succeed such as clinical /medical, and physical. occupational, psychological & emotional supports and why the rehabilitation process can be ineffective.

Part 4

a) Identify the different stages of rehabilitation and how each is individual to the client.

b) Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the causes, signs and symptoms of Two conditions whereby people require rehabilitation.

Part 5

Examine the following in relation to achieving the best outcomes in rehabilitation:

  • Assistive technology including high/low tech and non-tech alternatives
  • Outline the varied grant schemes available from government-supported organisations and voluntary groups.
  • Explore different models of employment from which individuals can achieve the best possible vocational outcomes.

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Part 6

Display an in-depth understanding of the impact of disability on the individual and society under the following headings:

  • Identify barriers to disability both environmental and attitudinal and outline strategies to minimize these barriers
  • Assess one’s own experiences and perceptions of disability
  • Explain how different types of disability impact individuals’ quality of life.

Part 7

a) Assess the challenges of a changing Irish society presented in the rehabilitative environment under Two of the following headings:

  • Ageing population
  • Emigration trends
  • Less family support, smaller family units, smaller support networks
  • Availability of educational opportunities and the impact this will have on the delivery of services.

b) In relation to your chosen topics above discuss what strategies could be implemented by various communities, government bodies or charitable organisations to counteract the impact of a changing society thus reducing the challenges

Part 8

a) Discuss the importance of setting and maintaining professional boundaries with clients to ensure the emotional, psychological and physical safety of the client/service user and the worker.

b) Explain the need for transparency — maintaining clarity with the family

c) Discuss how professional boundaries require an awareness of one’s own values and beliefs, as distinct from those of the client.

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