6N1950: Provide A Brief Outline Of The Legislation That Governs Communication And Health And Safety: Communications Assignment, DCU, Ireland

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University Dublin City University (DCU)
Subject 6N1950: Communications

Section 1 


Provide a brief outline of the Legislation that governs communication and health and safety in the ECCE.

  • The learner will research and outline three significant pieces of communication and safety legislation including correct titles and dates.
  • The learner will demonstrate with examples of how these apply in the ECCE setting
  • The learner will reflect on the importance of legislation
  • References must be given to sources used.

Section 2


 As a supervisor write a formal letter to the Child Care Committee requesting a representative from their organization to sit on your interview panel for a new childcare position. (Max 1 page)


  • Content gives all the required details in a formal business tone
  • Letter layout is structured appropriately, and word-processed.
  • Use of correct Salutation and closing
  • Correct use of grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc

Section 3


Produce a non-verbal visual poster.

Produce a simple nonverbal message on an A4 page relating to some aspect of the childcare setting. Using visual/nonverbal images/graphics and colors to convey the message. This can be in IT format or by hand.

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Give a short evaluation to include:

How nonverbal communication impacts everyday human interaction, how you read and researched the ideas for your visual aid, and the effectiveness of the message for children/parents.

This task should reflect:

  1. A good example of nonverbal communication
  2. A clear message given
  3. Originality & creativity in design with the use of appropriate media
  4. A succinct evaluation of the impactnonverbalmessages

Section 4


The learner is to research and produce a short essay on an area in childcare that they have an interest in. The essay should be word-processed.

Suggested topics:

  • The ECCE scheme
  • The changes in regulations
  • The importance of observations
  • How Aistear or Siolta promotes learning and development
  • The role of the adult in childcare
  • The importance of reading to improve emergent literacy
  • The importance of play in facilitating holistic development

The writing should denote:

  • An interesting choice of topic and rationale for choosing it
  • Good structure and paragraphing
  • Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Fluency of style and expression and correct tone used.
  • Evidence of research with textual references and bibliography.

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Section 5


Learners are required to research and critique current issues in Communications and Information Technology ICT and use in the childcare setting to include the following information:

Description of types of ICT being used

Use of critical thinking skills to critique research e.g., valid arguments for and against ICT use.

Identification of research used to investigate the topic (min two sources referenced in-text and bibliography)

Section 6


The Learner is to devise written communication documents to conduct a formal meeting with staff to discuss a policy on the use of ICT in the childcare setting.

In producing the documents, the learner will use a range of IT skills. including:

  • Word processing and printing
  • Creating a computer-generated template.
  • Emailing
  • Internet search and download

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