6N0233: Identify Two Manual Handling Hazard From Your Workplace And Perform A Risk Assessment: Instructing Manual Handling Special Purpose Award Assignment, UCC, Ireland

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University University College Cork (UCC)
Subject 6N0233: Instructing Manual Handling Special Purpose Award


“Manual Handling of Loads means any transporting or supporting of a load by one or more employees and includes lifting, putting down, pushing, pulling, carrying or moving a load, which, by reason of its characteristics or of unfavorable ergonomic conditions, involves risk, particularly of back injury, to employees”.

• Identify Two Manual Handling Hazard from your workplace and perform a Risk Assessment using TILE. A template can be provided

• Decide who might be harmed and how.

• Describe what controls are required to adequately control these risks and assess the risk rating then. Introduce additional recommendations to reduce the risk further. Risk Rate again. Chose the methodology you currently use including the TILE assessment sheet given by the instructor.

• Record your findings and recommend when these findings should be actioned by who responsible, (date) and reviewed (date) to ascertain the effectiveness of actions taken in achieving the elimination or maximum control of the manual handling hazards identified.

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Learners need to:

• Describe and understand ergonomic principles and concepts.

• Identify and analyze workplace Manual Handling case studies

• Critically analyze recommendations and conclusions on controls to avoid and reduce injuries in Manual Handling

• Involve workplace personnel, planning of assignment work and report I eg contributions of others to assignments. presentation of findings to management

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