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5N3707: Briefly describe your care setting, its patient group, members of the MDT who: Activities Of Living Patient Care Assignment, OU, Ireland

University The Open University (OU)
Subject 5N3707: Activities Of Living Patient Care

Activities of Living project Guideline-

1. Briefly describe your care setting, its patient group, members of the MDT who

2. Name the model (nursing assessment tool) used to identify patients care needs area

3. Briefly outline the key concepts (idea/views) of the chosen model

4. Identify one person in your work area and choose one or two of his/her major huts. needs (ie activities of living), using the activities of living model.

5. Describe how the nursing care need(s) you identified impact on the persons life, to participate in maintaining his/her activities of daily living

6. Describe what you do as a HCA in caring for the person to assist/support him/her) his/her needs in relation to chosen ADL(s).

7. Describe how your intervention/role improved/supported the persons experience 048T ability to maintain ADLs

8. Identify recommendations which might influence future care in chosen ADL(s) for

9. Use appropriate research, reading, references to support your care

10. Reflect on how this you have learned project has helped you in deliver’

9 patient care

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