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5N2706: Write a Comprehensive Discussion on the Care Needs: Care of The Older Person, OU,

University The Open University (OU)
Subject 5N2706: Care of The Older Person

care of the older person OU

Question: Write a comprehensive discussion on the care needs of an older person with a specific illness or disability.


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Your assignment will be assessed on the following:

  1. Understanding and application of concepts associated with caring for older people
    (a). Clearly illustrates an understanding of the ageing process
    (b). Illustrates awareness of issues associated with ageism
    (c). outlines the role of the HCA in delivering quality care to the older person
  2. Relevant research and sources of information
    (a). Work is correctly referenced and Bibliography present
    (b). Sources of information are appropriate; identifies services provided by statutory and voluntary organisations
  3. Appropriate presentation of work
    (a). Work is presented clearly and incorrect format
    (b). Follows a logical order and contents page present
  4. Comprehensive analysis of findings and logical conclusions and recommendations
    (a). Clearly illustrates an understanding of a specific illness associated with an older person
    (b). Physical Care needs of the older person examined
    (c). Cognitive needs of the older person examined
  5. Reflection on completion (of the project) process
    (a). Identifies personal knowledge gained
    (b). Provides personal recommendation to improve care practice
    (c). Reflects on how quality care could be improved for the older person
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