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5N2396: James is Four and a Half Years Old and has been Recently Diagnosed- Children With Additional Needs Case Study, OU

University The Open University (OU)
Subject 5N2396: Children With Additional Needs

Case Study

Please read the following case study and with a clear reference to theory and evidence of critical thought and analysis, answer the questions at the end

James is four and a half years old and has been recently diagnosed with Autism. James finds it difficult to interact with children in the preschool room and often plays alone. James cannot deal with sudden change, it really upsets him, and he can lash out at anyone when he is angry. When James gets upset, he runs out of the room and sits in the hallway. Sometimes when he arrives in preschool in the morning may still in the hall for five or ten minutes.

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James hates getting messy and frequently washes his hands. He will not finger paint as his hands get dirty. James does not like loud music or shouting. When the other children shout, James will cover his ears. James takes everything you say to him literally so instruction must be very clear. James loves his personal space and does not like when the other children get too close to him.

He may lash out. James will participate in small group activities but is reluctant to participate in large group activities. He would prefer to wander around and play with his dinosaurs. James wears pull-ups and will only eat the same foods for lunch every day.

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Question 1: Using this case study, demonstrate an understanding of Autism.

Question 2: Highlight how Autism is assessed and outline how it would impact on the child’s experiences in the early years.

Question 3: Outline in detail what strategies and supports an early year professional could put in place to support James with his learning and development, including strategies that could assist James to improve his socialisation skills. Refer to relevant literature, legislation and national policies including IEPs.

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