5N1390: Provide A Brief Description Of The Organization You Have Chosen For Your Assignment: Personal Effectiveness Assignment, UU, Ireland

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University Ulster University (UU)
Subject 5N1390: Personal Effectiveness


A Collection of Workpiece will be devised by each candidate which is based on an Organisational Profile (please nominate your organization). Please include all of the following:

Task 1: The Departments of the Organisation 

a. Introduction: provide a brief description of the organization you have chosen for your assignment and outline the reasons for your decision.

b. Provide a written explanation of the company’s organizational structure and the functions of each department. Include an organizational chart showing the relationships between the departments to support your answer.

c. Discuss the external factors influencing the organization.

Task 2: Personal Profile 

a. Describe your own role within the organization or a role you would like to take up.

b. Discuss the influences and the impact your role has/will have on others.

c. Identify your key skills (both personal and work) and Identify your own personal 111 strengths and weaknesses accurately.

d. Reflect on how you can/could improve on the weaknesses you have identified and how you might overcome challenges in the future.

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