5N1370: Define Sociology And Trace The Origins Of Sociology: Social Studies Assignment, UCD, Ireland

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University University College Dublin (UCD)
Subject 5N1370: Social Studies

Q. 1 Define sociology and trace the origins of sociology.

Understand the concept of ‘sociological imagination’ and its relevance to their lives.

Identify the founding fathers of Sociology – Durkheim, Marx, and Weber.

Understand the main sociological perspectives including Functionalism, Conflict and Social Action Theory, and further sociological developments.

Understand key sociological terms and concepts such as culture, status, social roles, social group.

Understand the difference between ‘ethnocentrism’ and ‘cultural relativism.

Q. 2 Explain the nature/nurture debate.

Introduce the concepts of culture, values, and norms.

Understand the process of socialization and evaluate the agents of socialization and how they impact their lives (e.g. primary caregivers, education, peers, media, religion, employment, etc)

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Explain what is meant by ‘re-socialization

Q, 3 Define stratification and identify the various systems of stratification historically and internationally. E.g. Caste, Estate.

Describe the types of social strata in Ireland such as class, gender, race/ethnicity.

Give examples of ‘social mobility and be able to describe it in an Irish context.

Discuss the theoretical conceptions of class such as those of Marx and Weber.

Q. 4 Be able to define and distinguish between prejudice and discrimination.

Understand Allport’s five stages of prejudice.

Be introduced to case studies or documentaries relating to the above groups.

Be able to discuss and evaluate the impact of discrimination on the above social groups.

Q. 5 To understand the role and function of the family in society, for example as a primary agent of socialization, with economic, social, emotional, and reproductive roles and functions.

To understand the different family structures in society such as extended family, nuclear family, reconstructed family, single-parent families.

To analyze key influences and social changes which have altered family structure in modern society.

To be able to evaluate a range of critical theoretical perspectives in relation to the family such as the functionalist, Marxist, feminine perspectives.

Regulations in relation to marital breakdown i.e. separation, nullity and divorce.

Discuss the implications of marital breakdown.

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