5N0758: You Are Required To Write A Report Based On Your Knowledge: Care Support Assignment, NUI, Ireland

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University National University of Ireland (NUI)
Subject 5N0758: Care Support

You are required to write a report based on your knowledge and understanding in 1 of the following categories:

1. Social isolation/withdrawal

2. Emotional upset

3. Communication difficulties

4. Memory loss

5. Physical disability.

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Record your findings objectively under the following headings:

1. Client profile – Provide detailed background scenario, e.g., age, living in a care home/independently, mobility, illness/condition, family support or alone, medication, etc.

2. Provide a detailed account of potential challenges for the client in relation to the chosen category above

3. Note the areas in which you could promote client independence.

4. Describe the measures/interventions that could be employed to meet the client’s needs.

5. Provide realistic suggestions to improve the quality of life of the client by:

a) making suggestions of actions or interventions the MDT could make

b) explaining what contribution you can make as an individual to the client’s wellbeing and quality of life.

6. In carrying out this assessment outline your learning from a personal or professional perspective

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