5N0758: Introduction Of The Client And The Activity Provides A Patient Profile: Care support Assignment, NUI, Ireland

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University National University of Ireland (NUI)
Subject 5N0758: Care Support

1.  Effective planning of the activity 

1.1. Introduction of the client and the activity/outing provides a patient profile (age. gender, marital status. ; PIN alone, type of dwelling, hobbies. Then introduce the actual (name the activity) and provide a rationale for choosing the activity)

1.2. Overview of the nursing process and state why it is used within can independently research what e, the nursing process. Provide a definition and explain why it is used in practice, highlight the importance of the nursing process

1.3. Assessment of client needs in relation to their activities of daily living addressing their level of dependence / Independence  Consult the par posted on levels of dependence Slate on which level your client is. What type of assistance she needs, Outline in this activity you are carrying out – how much assistance hum you or other HCA is required

1.4. Prostates account on how you win consult with the sera, showing mown dent’s choice/decisions ()mortal Review the concepts of respect and *COCO maim. Provide so Jr cOosol On helotYOU consul…I and explained the act nay to your client berm hand. mention if he/she had any concerns Of If you provided doses for then
1.5.  list the resources required to allow the client to participate in the activity I MVO tat al the resources or materials you need to carry out this Specific activity In of dune on your planter% phase), mention if you asked I consulted with your chest as heir)

1.6 invite…nen’ appropriate for the activity Captain how will you ensure the CalltanneOt rS appropriate for the activity, think rf rt is cut doors and <tea the weather, it the room is warm !Mach. check noose levels, lohtiny. layout Of the room, check the route beforehand, %tuned the place prior lo activity to make sure there were suitable Meant’ hie total, accessibility to the place (Malin)

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2. Compeehensin description of how the lottery 

2.1 Impiernent d safe practice-wide using equipment – 12 most explain how you Implemented a safe practice in the use of equipment. Familiarise with equipment safe practice guidelines. Ask Louise what you need to check heroic using any equipment? what wig happens to your that if Ugu•PM001 IS not sold to us

2.2 How communication (verbal • non-verbal) was maintained with the client and other staff as appropriate Provide an account of how communication (verbal and non-verbal) was maintained with your client during the activity Tone of voice, reassurance, nodding, eye contact, posture. How do you respond to questions? If TOM than one HCA, state the level of communication and engagement with your colleague.

2.3 Maintaining • safe environment  Described and how a sale environment was always maintained, what were you keeping an eye for (hazards), what did you do t minimize the site Did you leave your client alone for any length of time? What is the consequence of not maintaining a safe environment?

2.4 Observation Allis regarding the needs et the client  Comment on soul observation skills regarding the needs of the client, were you proactively Of reactively observing the client. What did you notice (luting the activity? Did you notice if he/she cold, hot, thirsty, tired, alert, bored, engaged, happy, sad?

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