NFQ Awards, Assessments, Credits QQI

NFQ Awards, Assessments, Credits QQI

This is an article on NFQ awards, credits, and assessments. In Ireland, the credentials of an educational and training system are described by the qualifications framework. More than 150 countries across the world have their national qualifications framework and in this context, Ireland is no exception in this regard.

This article discusses in-depth the concept of a national framework of qualifications (NFQ). It also discusses the recent alterations that are made to the NFQ. The blog also discusses, in brief, the activities of NFQ, the methodologies that are used to do the activities, and information about entities who are party to NFQ in Ireland.

What is NFQ (National Frameworks of Qualification)?

When we discuss NFQ then we imply Irish national frameworks of qualifications. This is a single national entity that is established (2003) to measure the learning achievements of individuals, and students across Ireland. There can be multiple levels of NFQ (10).

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The NFQ has to abide by the quality assurance principles. The body describes the credentials in the training and education system in Ireland. The body also sets what the qualifications mean about the learner’s know-how. The body also guides the students or the learners if that person moves from one NFQ level to the next.

Concerning the qualifications framework in Ireland, it is important to note that the Irish and the British qualification authorities have worked jointly on bilateral as well as global initiatives to promote mobility, recognition, and transparency of qualifications between the Irish and the British jurisdictions.

The qualification authorities of Ireland have agreed to work with the qualification authorities of the UK. They have further agreed on correspondences between the qualifications frameworks that are there across jurisdictions.

What are the alterations made to the NFQ?

Very recently (2020) the NFQ has been updated after consultation with the important stakeholders. The updating of the framework was done with the motive to reflect alterations that happened within the training and education landscape.

The recent alterations to the NFQ are listed as follows:-

  • Junior cycle of reform
  • The various institutes (technological) can make their awards
  • The technology universities act
  • The inclusion of awards of awarding bodies within the NFQ frameworks
  • The launching of registers of qualifications (Ireland)
  • Building of award types descriptors at NFQ professional levels (5-9)

The updates that are outlined above describe the altered relationships between various NFQ levels and various training and education awards. Interested individuals can download NFQ versions in Irish and English from the web.

Activities of NFQ

The various activities of NFQ (Ireland) are mentioned online on relevant websites. The NFQ (Ireland) is known for developing standards and awards. The entity also validates academic programs and training, makes sure that all the PEL arrangements are there in position, authorizes the utilization of global education marks, collaborates on a global scale, and approves as well as develops quality assurances.

Working methods of NFQ

The NFQ (Ireland) engages in policy development as well as consultations. Details of how policies are developed, how consultations are made, what are the current as well as the previous consultations, what are the responses and submissions to public consultations, and various formal agreements are all discussed on the website of QQI.

Entities that are party to NFQ (Ireland)

NFQ (Ireland) is known to work with providers, learners, stakeholders, and employers. More information about this is provided online on the website of

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QQI Assessments

In this context, it is relevant to say that students pursuing various QQI accredited courses are required to sit for assessments by NFQ. The objective of such assessments is to evaluate the skills, and knowledge acquired by the students or learners who have participated in the course offered by QQI. Upon successful completion of the courses, the students are awarded credits, and awards by the QQI.

The students are awarded certifications or grades (pass/merit/distinction) based on their performance in the assessment tests. The assessors accredited by the QQI use various assessment criteria and techniques to evaluate the students who appeared for assessments.

The evaluation techniques used are approved by the QQI and they include question papers, answer papers, mark sheets, project guidelines, and various other criteria for evaluation. Students or learners appearing for assessment programs often require writing assignments and projects. Many students prefer to avail expert help while working on projects.

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